My Girlfriend vs Caterpillars: How We Survived the Vegetable Garden Drama

It’s a familiar story – you have a beautiful garden with fresh, organic vegetables growing in it, and then you find out that caterpillars are munching away at your hard work! My girlfriend was particularly angry when she discovered the caterpillars eating our baby vegetables in our home garden in Luang Prabang Laos. But we […]

Early Morning Drone Flight Over the River of Nam Ou in Nong Kiaw

laos River of Nam Ou in Nong Kiaw drone shot

We spent two nights in Nong Kiaw, as we needed to do some filming in Nayang Village during the day. Our mission in Nayang was to film and record some content for my documentary project about ancient constructions in Southeast Asia. Nayang is a beautiful village with some old, traditional wooden houses. It is located […]

A film adventure in Laos

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